As the premier executive recruiting firm for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, Talent Transformation Labs provides clients with unparalleled reach across industry sectors and throughout India. Talent Transformation Labs understands that the needs of your business are complex and evolving, and we are focused on developing and nurturing long-term, results-oriented partnerships.

a) Contingency Search (Lateral Hiring):

Contingency recruiting services usually include research into a potential employee’s personality type, experience, as well as claimed and appropriate education. TTL engages with the client with their search mandate based on specific need based positions in tune with the shorter time lines. Success in this depends largely upon pro-active search techniques. Our existing database of candidates coupled with our candidate engagement techniques helps evaluate the best candidates for a certain position.

b) Retained Search:

TTL engages with the client right from writing requirement specifications to post on- boarding support.

The retained search process uses set criteria in order to obtain the best candidates for any given role. To begin with, TTL obtains a thorough understanding of the company they are recruiting for. This provides us not only with an idea of the type of company, but also with a better understanding of the job role involved. This means that the candidate will get a better idea of the role that is being offered.

The next step is the preparation of the candidate that employers are looking for. When both the candidate and the employer are aware of the expectations from both sides, a better fit for the job role can be found. Potential candidates are contacted, and their work records and qualifications undergo a screening process. They are also be made aware of the opportunity available and asked about their interest in the job offer.

If the candidate is open to an offer, then an intensive evaluation process begins. TTL conducts interviews and makes assessments by evaluating past performance in similar work environments. The future potentiality of the candidate is also evaluated, as well as the compatibility of the employee and employer.

Only when all the retained search evaluations and assessments have been made will the employer be contacted with potential candidates. The retained search is a highly intensive recruiting tool. It saves time for both the employer and the candidate.

This is mostly preferred in critical business impact positions and leadership positions.

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